Our Services

  • Case Management Redesign
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Patient Throughput Optimization
  • Clinical Resource Utilization
  • Length of Stay Management
  • Clinical Denial Management
  • Interim Management
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Management and Staff Development

Labyrinth Health’s team of highly experienced professionals have years of professional and management experience. Our operating vision defines our commitment to our clients, ourselves, our reputation, and our way of life. Together, we’ll turn the operational maze into the road to opportunity ™. At Labyrinth Healthcare Consulting, WE:

  • Join your team so that you can confidently say, without reservation, “This is our engagement; our success.”
  • Do not use a preconceived mold of operation.
  • See each healthcare facility in a unique manner; each with its own individualized needs, relating to patient progression and provider efficiency.
  • Are built of an experienced team of clinicians and business oriented consultants.
  • Are an independent consulting firm that specializes in assisting healthcare organizations, like yours, to achieve key elements of operational excellence.
  • Focus on case management, patient progression, clinical resource utilization and compliance management.
  • Systematically improve the patient’s journey, the clinical experience and the organization’s financial outcomes by creating a path that avoids dead ends, eliminates traps and delays.
  • Transform the maze into a progressive and integrated process.
  • Redefine how consultants interact with your leadership team.
  • Work with you to set the vision for the initiative and then zealously pursue activities that lead to a highly successful outcome.We understand the needs of patients, clinicians and hospital leaders.