Some time ago, we determined that there was something missing from the Healthcare consulting experience. Like many of our clients, we were frustrated by the cookie-cutter recommendations, corporate overhead and poor internal communication practices that were impeding our ability to provide timely and worthwhile deliverables to our clients.

In our experience, traditional consulting processes do not take the culture and feel of an organization into account when developing improvement agendas. To avoid this pattern, we have designed a cooperative process, based on years of consulting and professional experience, wherein we join your team so that you can confidently say, without reservation, “This is our engagement; our success.”

Uniquely, we do not force our clients into a preconceived mold of operation. Instead, Labyrinth Healthcare Consulting sees each healthcare facility as a unique maze through which its patients and providers travel. We believe it is possible to systematically improve the patient’s journey, the clinical experience and the organization’s financial outcomes by creating a path that avoids dead ends, traps and delays and transforms the maze into a progressive labyrinth. This positive transformation, or optimization, is our goal for each project.

The mission of Labyrinth Healthcare Consulting is to solve the daily challenges that prevent optimal care coordination and patient flow in order to improve both the patient and clinician experience and to positively impact the organization’s financial results. We join your team, as coworkers and partners, to address your operational challenges to chart a path through the maze to reach real, sustainable process improvement and ensure the highest level of regulatory compliance.

Engagements are structured to follow a logical and sequential path so that all operational changes are based on a firm foundation of client understanding, buy-in and evidence. We will assist you in preparing your staff prior to our arrival to introduce ourselves and to explain the goals of the engagement. The Engagement Approach will be completed cooperatively so that process changes become “the way we do things” long after the Labyrinth Health team leaves. We will assist you in forming workgroups that include key stakeholders and then guide you through the current state assessment. Our efforts will establish the context of improvement as we travel the road toward building the infrastructure and tools that are required to run a full-service hospital that achieves operational, clinical and financial excellence.