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The Challenge: Client is a Large >1000 Bed Multi-hospital Academic Medical Center with a Patient Throughput Initiative
• Optimize care coordination and discharge planning to reduce hospital-wide LOS and increase virtual bed capacity
• Improve communication and coordination between departments in the room turnaround process
• Improve bed management process
• Engage all physicians, including voluntary attending physicians
• Improve Emergency Department throughput

The Improvement Strategies
• Focused attention and encouraged physician and case manager interactions
• Modified discharge planning rounds
• Improved bed cycle time processes and schedules
• Revised patient flow processes from ED to Med/Surge and Telemetry floors
• Facilitated PACU strategy/tactic work group

The Results
• Decreased Med/Surg LOS from 5.40 to 5.20 days with a run rate of $200K per month opportunity day savings
• Improved timeliness of vascular access procedures by 10%
• Decreased PACU length of stay by 14 minutes
• Decreased ED length of stay by 40 minutes
• Time to Bed Assignment decreased by 32 minutes