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The Challenge: 300 bed community hospital, part of a larger healthcare system with a Case Management Re-design Initiative

• Improve average length of stay while maintaining readmission rate at goal or better.
• Provide 100% clinical review of patients for correct status with communication with insurers
• Drive better collaboration with interdisciplinary team for better patient discharge outcomes.
• Expand services 24/7 and include pre-admission coverage in ED and patient access.
• Implement a new integrated model of Case Management

The Improvement Strategies
• Leadership support and understanding of project
• Physician, nursing and ancillary participation/education
• Consultant support in identifying best practices and promoting rapid cycle implementation

The Results (3 months post implementation)
• Standardized dashboard implemented
• Readmission rate < 2% (goal exceeded)
• Observation rate near the 15% goal
• Length of stay at 3.00 (goal met)
• Case mix index increased to 1.8 (goal met)