We presently have full-time positions available for Case Management Consultants, including potential for an Interim CM Director position, and Throughput Consultants.

Remote with 90% travel. Positions are open to qualified prospective candidates in the U.S. Candidates
must be willing to travel frequently (typically on a weekly basis) within the U.S. to work with clients.

Job Functions and Responsibility:
The ideal candidate will assess hospital functions, formulate processes to improve the necessary
functions, and create documents geared toward summarizing the steps necessary to bring
improvements to fruition. Additionally, the candidate will hold the responsibility of presenting service
offerings to potential clients and giving presentations to current clients to improve their understanding
of recommended changes and how those changes will be implemented. The candidate will work side-by-side
with staff, management, Physicians, and other key stakeholders to implement recommended
changes. Working with a team is a fundamental necessity of this position.

Related Duties and Skills:
· Actively maintains professional rapport with clients and colleagues.
· Advises hospitals on ways to improve efficiency and quality of nursing/case management practices and health services.
· Reviews and analyzes data related to throughput and case management practices and health care services.
· Works with hospital to re-design processes that support best practices.
· Assists in planning nursing and hospital staff education materials/programs.
· Assists in preparing process flows, policies, and guidelines.
· Prepares and/or furnishes data for articles and lectures.
· Must be able to understand the importance of and uphold patient and client confidentiality.
· Must be able to present information in a clear and professional manner within the healthcare industry.
· Strong written and oral communication skills are essential.

Minimum Qualifications:
· Bachelor’s degree in nursing.
· Patient throughput experience.
· Case management experience.
· Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
· Excellent writing and presentation skills.
· Excellent computer skills and proficiency in Excel, Word, Visio, and PowerPoint.

Desired Qualifications:
· Previous consulting experience.
· Master’s degree in nursing or related field.
· Ability to function independently on-site.

Positions are open to qualified prospective candidates in the U.S.
Please submit resumes to Melissa Storck,